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Today is 08-18-2018    
and the quote comes to us from Chuck Missler,
star of his own The YouTube video that destroys The Myth of Evolution:
"If I open this jar of peanut butter, maybe not often, but on some occasion, I should find new life inside. And so, when we open a jar of peanut butter, we look in there; there's no new life.[1]"
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The city of Philadelphia, first welcomed him, now they insult America's favorite newsman, Dr. Stephen T. Colbert with an abominable year-long exhibit touting The Myth of Evolution!

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, April 17, 2008-- His arrival was a long time coming. Never had a town so desperately needed the economic and morale boost that only basic cable could bring.

New York may have The Pope, but Philadelphia got Stephen Colbert!

The city was abuzz and local luminaries clamored to be on the show. Everyone who had media connections visited the program:

  • the mayor
  • the state's governor
  • cheerleaders

But nothing could stop the elitist hoard of the University of Pennsylvania from ruining a week-long celebration of truthiness with a year-long celebration of Darwinism!
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